Does your families home look similar to this?

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Does your families home look similar to this

Does your families home look similar to this?

As a Realtor and Senior Real Estate Specialist: SRES designated agent, I am referred into estates all the time that have the parents or siblings home that has, let’s just say, accumulated things over the years! Nothing wrong with this, but it can be overwhelming at times to deal with a house that has seven rooms that look like this one, plus the garage. This can also lead to, and involve the home having a lot of deferred maintenance that has to be addressed. Some examples are: Roofs, plumbing, flooring, remodeling in kitchen and bathrooms and exterior siding, windows and landscaping surrounding the home. So, what do you do?

You need a Realtor that has a team of experts in estate sales, moving, packing and yes even trash removal to help. that agent also needs a team of contractors in every area to address the needs of the home. On the other hand, sometimes estates don’t have the kind of money it takes to fix anything and just want to sell the home “As-Is” and so it’s nice to have an agent that has investors that will make an offer and take the home completely as it currently is with all the things and everything. The agent can also put the home on the market to draw as many investors into the process to make sure you yield the highest and best selling price that the market can bare.

Lastly, this agent should also have a team of contractors to help the parent “age in place,” as they say, if that is what is preferred. The home can be retrofitted with rails, seats and grip bars in the shower and ramps to help your loved one be safe in the home they currently live in.

When is this appropriate to consider your options? Usually I get the call when a parent passes away and the kids inherit a property that they are not able to keep, but in other cases the family has decided to right-size the parent into a more manageable living situation closer to them. That could be an assisted living home, a single level condo, or even a 55 Plus community for the more active senior. These are all great times to address this.

In the end though, you need a professional like me to sit down and find out the needs of the family and then discuss all the available options to consider before making a decision. I hope this help!

I am never too busy to answer questions or come out and sit down to discuss what would be best for the family so don’t hesitate to call me. Mike Rains REMAX -(714) 293-4786.

I love real estate and working by referral. I would like the opportunity to earn your referrals and build a long-term relationship with you. Call me with your real estate questions at (714) 293-4786 or use my contact form in order to get the process of buying or selling your home started.

Mike Rains

Excellence and professional service is my starting point with all my clients. From simple things like answering my phone to maintaining positive relationships with local agents to continuing education in the areas of negotiation and communication, I endeavor to be a trusted resource for you and your friends and family in this fabulous business we call real estate. Call me at (714) 293-4786, I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Rains Realtor - Huntington Beach, Orange County, CA
Mike Rains, Realtor
Huntington Beach, Orange County, CA

"I would like the opportunity to earn your referrals and build a long-term relationship with you!"


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