Homes & Properties

These are homes and properties that I have been involved in the buying, selling or property management of. They are here to represent the depth and breadth of my experience in real estate in the various communities.

This does not, yet, represent all of the properties and transactions I have been a part of.

Can Staging Help You Sell in This Market?

By Mike Rains / September 2, 2022 / Comments Off on Can Staging Help You Sell in This Market?

The Southern California Market has cooled a bit and talks of recession are in the wind.  The topic of today is whether staging your home, if you’re considering selling in this market, is beneficial and does it really make a difference.  I recently interviewed a staging expert in our area, Kathy Marks, and we sat…

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What to do with a huge lot and a small house?

What to do with a Huge Lot and a Small House?

By Mike Rains / November 28, 2016 / Comments Off on What to do with a Huge Lot and a Small House?

As a home owner, you can add value to a property through making upgrades to the home, like new kitchen counter tops, cabinets and flooring. You could also add to that crown moldings, upgraded bathrooms and new vinyl windows. But what if your home is undersized or doesn’t have the bedroom count needed to support…

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Does Staging work?

Does Staging Work?

By Mike Rains / February 14, 2016 / Comments Off on Does Staging Work?

Staging is one of those expenses that a seller tends to shy away from. It is understandable to a degree, however in many cases it would cost less to do staging at $3000-$5000 or in larger homes more, than it would be to do a $10,000 price reduction of the home to get it sold!…

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